Online FAQs

Online FAQs

Listed below are several resources and frequently asked questions you may have.

If you have any questions about the application process, visit the Online Admissions page. And if you'd prefer to talk to a person, call us Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET, at 631.687.4501.

Why St. Joseph’s University Online Programs?

What makes a St. Joseph’s University online student different from a traditional St. Joseph’s University student? Will my degree be any different?

You will receive the same St. Joseph’s University degree as all our other students with a corresponding diploma and transcript. You will also be a part of the St. Joseph’s University community, where you can attend events (virtual and in person), use the University’s resources and facilities, and connect with other students through a variety of modalities.

  • Our online programs are made for busy students who have professional and/or personal responsibilities that make it easier to study online than in the classroom.
  • The programs are designed to be completed 100 percent online, giving students full flexibility through independent work combined with collaborative sessions engaging with classmates and faculty.
  • Many of our online programs were designed with degree completion in mind. We have a generous transfer credit policy.

Why is a St. Joseph’s University online program right for me?

Our programs are fully online to fit your unique schedule. They are affordable and taught by faculty members who are at the top of their fields. You will receive a private college education with small class sizes, taught by the same professors who teach on our campuses, all at a lower tuition cost. We have dedicated online admissions counselors and an advisement team that will help you every step of the way. St. Joseph’s University has a tradition of providing educational excellence for over 100 years and we’ve offered quality online coursework for more than two decades.

Is St. Joseph's University accredited?

Yes, St. Joseph's University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Does St. Joseph's University belong to the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA)?

Yes, St. Joseph's University is a member of NC-SARA.

Do you accept transfer credit?

St. Joseph's University offers a very liberal transfer credit policy.

For undergraduate students, we accept up to 90 transfer credits. These credits may come from:

  • Courses completed with a grade of C or better (D or better if you have been awarded an associate degree).
  • A maximum of 64 transfer credits may be transferred with grades D or better and an associate degree. A maximum of 82 credits with grades C or better. A maximum of 90 with upper-level division coursework from a four-year institution.

For graduate students, we accept up to six transfer credits with a C grade or better from an accredited school. Certain programs may have additional requirements.

Do you offer experiential learning assessment opportunities?

Students with significant work and/or intercultural experiences may be eligible to earn credit through our Prior Experiential Learning Assessment (PELA) program. We also evaluate professional certifications from both on-the-job training and military training, as well as accept CLEP and/or DSST exams with proficient scores.

Do you offer dual degree programs?

Yes! We offer a variety of dual degree programs in the fields of business, HR, Health Administration, and Human Services where you complete a bachelor’s and then a master’s within a condensed time frame. The two degrees share credits, so you take fewer classes than if you were to pursue a bachelor’s and master’s separately. For more information, check out our complete list of online programs. You’ll also want to check with your admissions counselor to see if you are eligible, since you’ll need general electives in your degree plan to complete a dual degree program.

How do I enroll?

The first step is to complete the Online application or call an admissions counselor at 631.687.4501.

Online Learning

What sort of degree options does St. Joseph’s University offer?

We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees (including dual degrees), as well as certificate programs. Visit our programs page for a full list of our academic offerings. Some of our undergraduate degree programs incorporate options for completing professional certificates along the way.

How much time must I commit to my online program each week? Is there a specific time I must log on?

In a traditional classroom setting, a 3-credit course is three hours per week plus homework, assignments and studying. You should expect to spend at least the same amount of time for an online 3-credit course. There isn't a specific time you need to log on, though some of our courses do offer optional synchronous class sessions. Our online courses provide the flexibility you need so that you can plan your coursework around your busy schedule

How long are classes?

During the fall and spring, St. Joseph’s University offers both full semester courses and accelerated courses that run during the first and second half of the semester. We also offer accelerated courses over the summer and during our January intersession. Students can start an St. Joseph’s University online program at seven different entry points throughout the year.

What is the length of completion for an undergraduate degree program?

If you choose to take a full-time course load year-round (including summer), it’s possible to complete an entire undergraduate degree in three years. However, if you have transfer credits, it can take as little as two terms. Reach out to an admissions counselor for a one-on-one evaluation of your educational and work experience for a projected completion date. You’ll also want to check with your financial aid counselor about eligibility for summer and intersession terms.

What is the length of completion for a graduate degree program?

If you choose to take a full-time course load year-round, it’s possible to complete an entire graduate degree in as little as 12-18 months. This depends on your program, as some degrees have different course sequencing requirements. Reach out to an admissions counselor for a one-on-one evaluation of your educational and work experience for a projected completion date. You’ll also want to check with your financial aid counselor about eligibility for summer terms.

How tech savvy do I need to be?

As an St. Joseph’s University online student, you’ll need some basic technical skills to be successful. You should feel comfortable navigating the internet in a browser of your choice, using a search engine, and downloading/uploading files and software. You will need to access your email account regularly to check your inbox and compose emails both with and without attachments. You should be familiar with word processing programs such as Microsoft Office or Google Docs to create, format, save, and share documents.

Your online courses will be delivered through a Learning Management System called Canvas. You’ll need to learn how to navigate Canvas and use its features, which are skills you can gain by completing the optional online orientation in about one hour.

If you have any concerns about the technical skills listed above, please don’t hesitate to speak with your admissions counselor or academic adviser. St. Joseph's University offers all kinds of resources to help students be successful in online learning.  

I've been out of school for a long time. Am I going to be able to keep up?

St. Joseph’s University's online programs were designed with the adult student in mind, and we know there are a lot of adults who have completed some school and want to finish. Our programs are structured to support students who are looking to finish their degree, even if they started quite some time ago (at St. Joseph’s or elsewhere). To ensure your course load aligns with your professional and personal responsibilities, talk to your admissions counselor or academic adviser about the type of time commitment you can make. Then, you can go over the schedule options that best fit your lifestyle.

Can I attend graduation?

Of course! All online students who complete an undergraduate or graduate degree are encouraged to attend graduation.

Student Support and the St. Joseph’s University Online Community

Do you provide technical support?

Yes. For general assistance with College-associated technology, IT support is available by phone and email. To contact IT, please call 631.687.1263 or email Tech Help.

For support with Canvas, our Learning Management System, we offer 24/7 assistance. When you enroll as a student, you will be provided with phone, email, and chat information for contacting Canvas support.

Will I have a dedicated academic adviser?

Yes. All St. Joseph’s University online students have a dedicated academic adviser or advisement team to go over academic progress, support the registration process, answer questions, and to guide them as they complete their program.

If I’m an online student with a disability and require accommodations, what office would I need to contact?

Resources are available to students with disabilities through the Office of Student Accessibility Services. For more information, please call 631.687.1428 or email Katie Blumenthal.

If I’m an online student, will I still be part of the St. Joseph’s University community?

When you attend St. Joseph’s University online, you become part of the Online, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Alumni communities. You can participate in on-campus and virtual events, as well as enjoy resources and services at your convenience. Some of these services include virtual tutoring, online library access, counseling and wellness resources, lifetime career services, and access to our gyms. Watch this video for more information on being part of the St. Joseph’s University online community.

What if I need academic support?

St. Joseph’s University provides online tutoring services for all online students that include evening and weekend hours. Student success coaching is available as well.

Do you offer career services?

We offer many career services to support our students as they pursue their professional objectives — from the time they begin their academic program all the way through to graduation, and beyond! We offer lifetime career services to St. Joseph’s University online alumni. Career services include, but are not limited to, résumé assistance, interview preparation, utilization of a job board, career mentoring, virtual and in-person career fairs, career and skills assessment, and one-on-one career counseling.

What types of events and services are available to alumni?

St. Joseph's University has a thriving alumni community. St. Joseph’s University online alumni can join the Alumni Association, participate in career and networking events, utilize lifetime career services, attend webinars, sign up for a mentoring program, join social events, access campus facilities, use the St. Joseph’s University Libraries, and so much more! Check out our alumni website for detailed information.